How is the payment method?

You will receive the payment of the amount of your visits in the account number you provide in the profile. Payments are made on Thursday mornings, in two or three working days, depending on the bank.


Is the Mystery work compatible with other jobs or benefits I may be receiving?

There is no employment contract or social security registration. You can make it compatible with any job or benefit you are receiving.


Do I have to include these payments in my tax return?

They are payments without deductions, if you want to include it in your tax return, you have to include it as other income, as it is not another payer.


Is mileage paid?

The amount paid for each visit is the amount indicated on the platform when it is assigned to you.


When I go on holiday, for example, how can I change so that I get the visits from that area?

You enter your profile, on the left of the screen, as you look, you have a map, click on it, change the location where you want, click on send to save the changes.


About the account number.

If you don’t want to put the account number before having assigned visits, you can fill it with 0, and remember that to charge the visits you will have to add it later.


Signing the collaboration agreement.

To collaborate with us, and to be able to make visits, it is necessary to accept it.


When do the visits appear on the app?

It depends on each project. Some are at the beginning of the month as usual and others can come out at any time (the ideal is to keep an eye on the app and check if something new has come out).

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